Olive Black Mask With Aloe Vera Milk Whitening

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Olive Facial Black Mask Aloe Vera with Milk Whitening 

The Olive & Aloe Vera is rich in water. It is excellent for dry skin hydration. Its natural nutrients are high in vitamin E & B, which serves as an antioxidant for the skin while protecting from wrinkles and contributing to the PH balance of skin.

The combination of Olive & Aloe Vera with Milk is new Black Mask forumula that makes your skin shiny, silky, glowing and provides whiteness beauty. Olive Facial Black Mask in Pakistan also removes unnceccsary skin hair nails, so the skin goes more brighter and clear. Now getting five star fairness skin is not impossible.


Clean your face and make it dry. Apply the layer of black mask on the skin evenly. Leave it on face for 15 minutes to let it dry. Once it is dry, lift the mask from bottom to up completely. Finally, rinse the face with fresh water.


For natural skin white beauty

Alergy Free

For all types of skin

Gives you a smooth and shiny skin

Olive & Aloe Vera extracts

Repairs face skin layer by layer

Go deeply and improve skin problems

Effectively produce three dimensional whitening effect

Pure olive: Nourishes the skin.

Tea tree: Balance the excretion of grease.

Warning: For external use only

Quantity: 120g

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